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  1. When I went to log in (the same way I always do... my Mac remembers my log in and password), it gave me a message saying that an email has been sent to me (the same one I always use for Evernote) with a link to change my password. At that point I could not get past the login screen until I changed my password. There it was in my email of record on Evernote. So I changed the password... used that password on the login screen that was still up there for my account... and you know the rest. Greg
  2. Evernote forced me to change my password. When I did... ALL of my stuff was gone. All. Of. It. It's now like I'm a brand new user. Hundreds of notes that I thought were safe are gone. Is there any chance that I can get them back? Since I just have a Basic account, Evernote support is not an option for me. Thanks, Greg
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