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  1. Shane, I see that you have marked this issue as solved, but I don't see the solution. Am I missing something? My laptop version still shows that little circle with and arrow sync icon, but my imac version doesn't.... In addition to my own experience there is a significant amount of compelling testimony here to rethink how Evernote does sync...keeping notes is what EVERnote is about...if it doesn't do that perfectly, then what's the point of paying for it? I know the technology and talent exists to solve this.
  2. PLEASE bring back the sync button - spinning cicle - "I know, I know...you magically eliminated the need for it." Perhaps my request isn't the most accurate solution, but I will tell you this...I am having consistent and repeated sync issues...just lost changes to a note from this morning...again! Yes, all systems are up to date, system restarted etc...i did all that...I even check note history and it's WRONG...says the last time I updated the note was weeks ago....I use this note regularly throughout the week including again this morning only to find all entries from the past couple of week
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