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  1. I am now thoroughly addicted to using EN 3. Despite the loss of some features, I have found the migration to EN 3 to be easy and productive. Now I just ran out of storage space and am suffering intense withdrawal pains. Please have mercy. I must have more space online as soon as possible. I shall now go shiver in a cold dark place.
  2. Is there a way to insert to-do check boxes into ink notes? I cannot find a way to do it. Timothy
  3. I would like to see a function added that automates the posting of notes created in Evernote directly to this forum. I generally use Evernote to create notes of the questions and comments regarding Evernote that occure to me. I then have to cut/paste a title and text to enter them into the forum. Why not have afunction on the help menu for automatically loading selected notes into the "Post a New Topic" page on the forums? Timothy
  4. Is there any way to insert a to-do check box in Evernote on WM? Thanks, Timothy
  5. Why is there no way to tag in Evernote WM6? I often end up writing a bunch of notes that then can only be tagged online after syncronization. Timothy
  6. There doesn't seem to be a way to scroll in the new text note window in Evernote on WM6. This is very inconvenient. There is a scroll bar for the new ink notes, however which works fine. Timothy
  7. Can anyone explain how to create ink handwritten notes on the Windows Mobile Client? The post pasted below from the mobile thread suggests it is possible, but can only see how to make text notes. I appreciate any guidance. Thanks, Timothy *****quote**** Re: Our plan for Evernote on mobile devices - and poll by iafanasyev on Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:57 pm tokro wrote: I voted for the full client assuming that this will be the only version which will provide capturing of handwritten notes. If the capturing client will provide this already it might be a good compromise until the full version arrives. Yes, Evernote for Windows Mobile (the capturing agent we currently have) has the ability to create ink notes and upload them to the Service, along with text notes, voice notes and snapshots.
  8. There is a difference in the same note whether it is viewed on the Windows XP client or on the web. I clipped a part of a web page using the bookmark tool in Safari. The web version of the note contained the url of the clipped web site. After synchronizing, the url is missing from the client version of the note. The web site is: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?ie=UTF ... 77161&z=10
  9. When using Beta3 on a UMPC, the icons on the tool bar seem oversized and take up too much screen space.
  10. Beta3 wont open links in Safari which is selected as my default browser (WinXPsp2). All links open in Firefox. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Timothy
  11. Hello, Is there a faster way to assign tags to notes in the web interface, especially to assign multiple tags to multiple notes? All I can see is the dropdown list. At least the selection via the dropdown list could be modified to allow prediction based on keyboard input. Thanks, Timothy
  12. Hello, I would like to be able to drag and drop tags, notebooks, and notes in the web interface as can be done in the Windows client. Thanks, Timothy
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