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  1. Sorry DTLow now it's working. I hold CMD instead of Option key. All my notes appeared again. Thanks a lot. Do you know what could happen to generate this situation ?
  2. Hi DTLow, I'm in my usual account on my Mac. I have tried to launch a full synchronization as you suggested, the synchronization logo turned one second and stopped : no synchronization has been made.
  3. Hi, I have no more notes on my Mac. Fortunately my data are still accessible by the web and by my Iphone. How can I do to restaure the data from the cloud ? Thank you for your help. Regards
  4. I have resolved the issue by rebuilding the search index. To do this just click on help, then "Troubleshooting", then "Recreate full text search index". If the troubleshooting item doesn't appear, hold the option key by clicking on the help menu (this information is on MACOS). The reindexing could take a long time. For more information look at all the answers I Have had.
  5. thanks pink elephant. SO, I will try to rebuild the index with the troubleshooting first option. I haven't made first because The item didn't appear but now I know how to do thanks to the member DTLow. I inform you of the result.
  6. Thanks for your Answer PinkElephant. It's not clear for me if I use Spotlight Search. I use the search field, the only one, inside the Evernote pages, at the bottom on right. Could you tell me which reindexing I must choose. In the Troubleshooting item of the help there is a choice between search in texts and search in spotlight. It seems that is Spotlight who allows to find inside the documents. Before this issue my search worked fine both on text, titles ans inside the documents including the pdfs and the images (since 2014 when I subscribed with a Basic subscription at the beginning). Curr
  7. Thanks DTLow, with the option key I have the Troubleshooting item.
  8. I wanted to try to recreate the Search index as suggested by JMichaelTX. I don't know why, but I have no Troubleshooting in the dropdown menu Help (or equivalent as I'm on a french version of EN). However I have made a test. I have exported in .enex a notebook and then I have imported it back (with synchronized option). The search seems to work fine in the newly imported notebook. I guess that the index as been done when importing the notebook and this part of the index is not corrupted. So, my strategy is to repeat this operation for all my notebooks (only 54) and delete all the old notebook
  9. Thanks a lot Michael, I don't feel enough expert to apply the first solution but I will try the second one. Unfortunately I'm not Premium. TO day I have updated Evernote with a new version (7.12), the search is still unoperational but the results are different. I keep you in touch.
  10. Hi, Since I have upgraded my MacOs to 10.14.5-Mojave and just after Evernote to 7.11. The search function works no more. Most of the time there is no result. Sometimes there are some notes but not all. It seams that the title is never taken in account. Could somebody help me. Thanks in advance.
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