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  1. Hi gazumped, Thanks so much for getting back to my query (and sorry for the delay in my response). You've given me food for though regarding what I use for my notes, and how I use Evernote. The version that crashes is on my Android phone - it's getting a big old now and it doesn't have much memory, so there are probably even more things getting in the way of a good service from Evernote. Do you know of anything else that I can use for note-taking that would save directly to my phone? (Although I may not have enough space on my phone to save anything else...) Going back to my trusty pen and pap
  2. Hi, I'm on Evernote basic on my Samsung A3 phone (and on a mac). Evernote has been crashing too frequently recently, and loses everything that has not yet been saved in my notes - i.e. it crashes if I don't save notes myself frequently enough. With what frequency do we need to save Evernote notes?? It's just happened again now. The other morning it happened after I'd been writing for over an hour - I almost broke my phone in utter desperation and frustration! I use it like a diary so that I can write all the time. Sometimes I get into a flow and can write for a good while, forgetting to s
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