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  1. I'd still consider that situation a bug though, not a user error. In the old Evernote that would result in two notes one marked as a sync conflict
  2. Definitely - if the file just disappeared, fat finger would be my first guess. But I can't explain how I could have caused it to revert to some older checkpoint without Premium. Any ideas? P.S. Using premium to restore older version worked - thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot @PinkElephant! I'll try that Have to say though, deleting your files and then making you pay to restore them is basically the definition of ransomware.
  4. Update: the file is about a month old. This is the version saved on the Web client as well. But a month worth of edits is still missing
  5. There is an Excel table attached to a note that I frequently edit. Saved yesterday, but opened the file today and it's two-months old. Going to "..\Evernote\Databases\Attachments" confirms that the most recent version there is from November 11th 2020. Is there anything that can be done? The file is quite important.
  6. When I paste an emoji from Windows emoji keyboard [Windows+pediod(.)] they are rendered black-and-white as opposed to native "autocomplete" emojis, e.g. after typing ":-)". Would it be possible to fix that?
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