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  1. The information in these links has little meaning to those trying to learn the product. Once I have figured out enough I could evaluate the available help and how easy it is to access this help. Eventually, if I like the product well enough I might do a write up on it (the free "it") and try to get them interested. What I am seeing so far is a usable tool (if you know how to use it) but so far the jury is out on the "useful" attribute. Quick question I see that "Evernote User; not an employee" is your identification, how do I identify those responsible for this place?
  2. Not a problem. I use all the feedback I receive and devise the best workarounds I can, given the products limitations. These forums are where the signs indicate that this is where management wishes to receive product feedback and they are my target audience. I enjoy discussing all aspects of a product and it can be difficult at times to find someone with the necessary passion. At my age I have learned to never give up on a product and I enjoy providing feedback. It is not always welcome but it is always good advice based on what I know of a company and their product. As I learn more I will help more, that is who I am, that is my profession. There is no charge for this level of interaction, if more detailed feedback is desired one my ask about the paid level of support. Thank you for your help, it has been appreciated.
  3. I evaluate software very carefully. I am a dedicated dropbox user but have seen things that are really not representative of a good product. However I know enough about the world of software to know areas that have limits that a developer just avoids at all cost. So I accept that it is not a perfect world. I also evaluate the business behind a product and how it treats its customers. This includes how well they support the help a new user might need, documentation, how well thought out a product appears, a lot of little things. I am a dedicated user of Corel PaintShop Pro and the associated video program. It suffers from many of the problems of a poorly documented software product. I do provide feedback. My initial impression of the marketing department for Evernote leaves a lot to be desired. It seems they lack common sense on how to sell the new "free" user on going to the pay for play plan. I have no problem with limited functionality for the free side, but they make no real effort to make the initial user experience totally painless. Users who have experience with software will bring expectations and when those expectations are not met because of the free vs pay routes that are not explained up front it just makes the experience negative. A software product needs to support a process, if your going to have free vs pay you still need to support a viable process in the free mode. One might say, well, if the free is good enough we can not make money. And I would say, make the pay way so good it will be obvious after a few months that the free user will willingly upgrade. The decisions by management on what is in the free vs pay route seem to me to be arbitrary, to be selections made by the bean counters in finance, not by expert users who know how the free path should be used to entice those users, not by blindsiding them with intentionally breaking the process the free path should provide.
  4. Seems I would have to pay $$$ to do it by template, I just want to copy and paste thank you.
  5. I right clicked on the Note name in various places where it is displayed and do not see a Copy Note selection option. I am developing a process as I go, I see potential, just some bumps in the road that are being addressed here.
  6. I have a new question but I could not find my way to this forum to ask a new question. So I will continue here. I suppose the first question should be, where is a direct link to these forums? Next question, I have created some notebooks and what to create a custom note and then copy and paste it into each note book, how do i do that? The copy and paste part.
  7. I have had a lot of interaction with the developers. It takes time to build a good relationship when all i do is bring them problems (they caused by commission or omission or just being evil) but they are generally redeemable. Some are actually my friends. When I approach any software I bring the full power of a diligent and easy to annoy the skills of a senior Software Quality Assurance engineer (me.) The only thing worse than poorly conceived, designed and implemented software are the associated help that is usually done not by an experienced user that can understand that a product must support a process, it is not just a framework on which to hang features. So far, I have not made any decision on this product. I am now retired and live on a budget, what is a cup of coffee to some is not a consideration on my menu. I will say that my services are always for hire, if a product is in need it will not fix itself. So far I am evaluating the product as an aid to tracking progress from multiple PCs for my creative writing efforts. A screenplay, story, visual novel, science articles. And more. I see below an image from a different reply i made, do I have to see them?
  8. I can not delete the notebook I named ToBeDeleted. A delete option is not present in the options list. I am also waiting for help on how to view usage for my notebooks as part of some View option. I am not seeing my profile image, I did set and save it. I am off replying to a different post now. Thank everyone for help.
  9. I was just very disappointed to be told that I had exceeded a limit on posting for the day. I napped through the wait, a senior privileged I assure you. It would have been much better if management had thought it helpful to inform me about this limit. A mention above is made of a List View where I can see my usage but I see no place to select a List View. I did look at help videos on YT for Evernote. Not much for a newbie+freebie. So, how many bites at the apple do I get with respect to posts? I also note I am not seeing my profile image, perhaps that is only for paid people? As far as storing paper inputs I use dropbox for that. What I would use EN for is to manage my time on various projects. Evaluation continues...
  10. I sent an email and did not see it anywhere where my notebooks are displayed. I am looking to see how useful it is but number one concern is not to reach a limit on uploads. If I put an image in a note I do not know how much room it takes. I am not motivated to experiment as it could make the tool useless for a month, hard to evaluate it that way. I am assuming that anything I put here is not counted against my limit. Free or paid the value should not change. If I were to be motivated to pay for it I would have to look for alternate ways, I do not like to spend. If this site cost the same as Hulu it has to be providing usefulness on par.
  11. I think I was thinking about the monthly upload limit, not storage. And free does not allow emails so not applicable, I believe. I would like to see a display of how much of my limit I have used without the need to look for it. I am doing my best to see how useful the product is for free.
  12. An interesting link. I have been involved in software development since the days of the first PCs. I was strictly involved with testing, SQA, and providing guidance to the developers. I worked on Managing Your Money and Tax Cut. Most recently, up until my retirement, qualifying a Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer. I also had to teach myself how to do a website and automated test using Wintask. I really appreciate how hard it is to do a consumer based product. In my brief time with Evernote I have seen many areas for improvement, in the product, in the process it supports and the business model. So far I do not know nearly enough to know if it is just first impressions or something in process. I must admit that I had not heard about the product until I saw a reference to it in a webpage where it was suggested to be used as recording notes. I do enjoy talking and will respond to all comments. I will also discuss my ideas (and look for ideas) on how to use the product. If it is to be successful it must support a process (I have not yet discovered how well it supports a process that I need.) I also look for tips on how to make use of this tool (I only use it on my PC) as phones are too small for my old eyes. I am usually sitting within three PC screens so when my cat takes over one I can switch to the other. My hobbies are photography, science, ham radio, anime and writing. I enjoy talking but I am sure management would prefer topics to be limited to their product. Is there a message feature here? I have not looked. As you can see I enjoy talking.
  13. Do you have access to their business plan and their cost numbers of operating the "free" side? If I had access to this information I could focus my ideas so they would not be cost prohibited. With 250M users, most not paying their way it would seem the business needs a way to make the "pay way" the chosen highway.
  14. I noticed when I (free user) sent myself an email that I had to be a pay member to do that. No problem with that but if you wish to show free users that the limited amount of storage is holding them back then allowing them to send emails will fill it up quicker. You may wish to think about that. I am a senior, 76, a retired senior software quality assurance engineer and enjoy helping make software better.
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