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  1. Hi all. I scan my receipts and other docs and download to my phone. I share each to EN. Can I delete them from my phone? I think I can, but want to be sure. Also, can you get chat support on phone, or just through PC? Thanks much...
  2. Hi all, I was just opening a receipt I sent into EN, and when was asked what to open it with, I selected XODO, because it was a PDF. I chose always (thinking that just pdf's would open this way). However, it is trying to open all notes that way now, so I can't open any. Any way to set back to default EN for notes?? Thanks greatly...😝
  3. Hi all... Can I setup tags I will be using later, from my Android? Or, only set up tags when in an actual note? How can I tag multiple notes at once? Where do I download web clipper, or is it not for Android? What should I use if that is the case? REALLY hard time finding one place for comprehensive lessons using Android. Thanks much...
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