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  1. I think the problem has to do with large note size. I'm marking up a lot of 4k+ sized photos/screencaps. Probably 40-60+ per note. Evernote is unusable on HDD with notes this large. Each sync will lock up Evernote for 10-15 minutes. Works fine for my text-only notes or on a SSD. No crashing, I just have to wait 10-15 minutes every time Evernote tries to sync (which makes it unusable on a HDD computer). The latest release, however, will crash during sync and lose data. Original poster said problems were related to photos and recordings. Sounds like the same problems I have run into with large note size. My guess is that they tried solving the horrendous slow-sync by splitting the file-save format. That fix ended up causing large files to lose data.
  2. Are you using a HDD or SSD? In my experience, Evernote is unusable on HDD. You need to have everything on a SSD.
  3. There is a sync problem with the latest release version, I think it's especially problematic with large file sizes (lots and lots of 4k+ screenshots are crashing/freezing/losing data with my Evernote). This update changed something with splitting the save file and I think it's having problems with large files/photos. Small text notes seem to be fine. Ask tech support for a previous version. 6.18.8489 still works correctly. Tech support says the problem should be fixed on the next update. For now, uninstall and install an older version. Turn off update reminders to keep Evernote from pestering you to update to the problem version.
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