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  1. EN can support MS Pinyin on a normal 2K desktop or 4K laptop. But it cause some problem for a 4K laptop with 2K extension monitor. I tried it works perfectly for a 4K laptop with 4K extension monitor.
  2. I gauss it's a EN software problem, but I'm not urgent to solve this problem. Just report it to EN. Hope it will be solved in the later version. Because more and more people begin to use 4K laptop in these years.
  3. Hi, I tried. The input box of the Microsoft Pinyin input method will also become very small on my 3840*2160 laptop, when it's set to 1920*1080 resolution. Both 100% and 125% zoom ratio will be still small. And it's still small on the 2K extension monitor after setting. Thanks!
  4. I would like to report a technical issue of Evernote. I work on a 4K Windows laptop with a 2K extension monitor (connected with VGA to HDMI adaptor). When I use the Microsoft Pinyin input method in Evernote on my 15.6'' 4K laptop screen, there is no problem. But when I drag the Evernote to the 2K extension monitor (Zoom ratio of the 4K laptop is 250%, and that of the 2K extension monitor is 100%), the input box of the Microsoft Pinyin input method will become very small. I have tried that there is no this issue in other software. So I gauss it's Evernote's software problem. I report this probl
  5. Hi, thanks! Yes, after I click the "Not now" many many times, it will disappear. But I have many notes that exceed the size limit many years ago. Clearing all these notes will take a very long time. I uninstall Evernote and re-install. After logging in, I found this problem has been solved. This dialog won't pop out anymore. So still thanks!
  6. After my Evernote Premiunm expire, the dialog that call me back to Premiunm cannot be cancelled (See attachment). Even I click "Not Now" or the cross, this dialog doesn't disappear. So I can only close it with Task Manager. Does any one know how to solve this problem? Thanks!
  7. Why does 6.19.2 often collapse? Especially when some other software is opened. It seems that the memory occupation of this version needs to be optimized (The last Windows version does not have this problem). And sometimes it will also collapse when no other software is open.
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