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  1. Thanks, all. Shane D was in fact able to update something in my account this morning which fixed the problem. I was thereafter able to log the bug I was seeing, which was that searching tag:"-*" gave an incorrect result set.
  2. Thank you for the link - I will try that. As you can read in my original note, I used several browsers (4), and also tried incognito/private modes which by definition start with zero cookies.
  3. I'm looking to file a bug report, but quite ironically I'm running into a problem logging into the support website. Every time I login I get logged out. It's almost a comedy, if it weren't so frustrating. Here are the steps I take, which faithfully reproduce the bug: 1. Start from the webclient, https://www.evernote.com/Home.action. Note I'm using the "new-ish" client, not the new beta, although I don't think it would matter. 2. Under the "ball" icon at lower left, I select "Help and Learning" from the menu, and am redirected to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us. 3. On that page, I select either "Send us an email", or "Log in to Help & Learning". (It seems strange to me that although I was logged into evernote via the webclient, I'm not logged in here.) 4. Quite unexpectedly, after clicking either button in #3, I am redirected to a page https://evernote.com/logged-out/?logout&uid=2079, which of course says that I've logged out. 5. I can log in again, and an deposited in the webclient, where I can continue the loop from #1 above. Each time, logged out as I try to reach support. Some notes: I've tested Linux Chrome and Firefox, MacOS Chrome, Android Chrome. Incognito/private modes too, in order to avoid any cached data or cookies. As well, I've tried logging in with SSO (Google) and normal Evernote credentials. Consistent results across all permutations. Same issue when starting from the MacOS client and selecting "Help and Learning" from the dropdown which then brings up a browser. I'd love to submit this defect and speak/chat with support about it, but ironically it's precisely my ability to contact support that's the problem! [I've been a Premium user for years, have nearly 30K notes, and have used Evernote since it was the "continuous roll" desktop app.] How can I contact support?
  4. As I understand the description of Conduit here, it's a client-side component. Again, the little python script I included earlier talks directly to the API - no client involved.
  5. I am using Chrome, but as I pointed out earlier, it's completely independent of the client, as the little Python script shows. The issue is somewhere on the server side. It could be the API, or it could be something with my collection of notes. And, the problem started recently. It wasn't there a few months ago. I will open another ticket. I'm happy to dig into this further.
  6. Thanks, @CalS. Does that mean they closed the support ticket? (I still see the problem here.)
  7. @Cals do you have a link or reference # for the support request? (Thank you for opening one).
  8. I've made a simple python program to demonstrate the error concretely. Please see attached. One must set EVERNOTE_DEV_TOKEN appropriately in your environment. When I have no untagged notes, running the program gives this: $ python2 ./untagged.py NotesMetadataList(stoppedWords=None, notes=[], searchedWords=None, startIndex=0, updateCount=173443, totalNotes=16) And when I have exactly one untagged note, I get this: $ python2 ./untagged.py NotesMetadataList(stoppedWords=None, notes=[NoteMetadata(updated=None, created=None, deleted=None, contentLength=None, title='test untagged note', notebookGuid=None, updateSequenceNum=None, tagGuids=None, largestResourceMime=None, attributes=None, guid='942fb5ef-9382-4775-a4ec-5289baa6b3ec', largestResourceSize=None)], searchedWords=None, startIndex=0, updateCount=173443, totalNotes=17) Notice that in each case "NotesMetadataList.totalNotes" is off by 16. That is the bug. I do not know what could be the root cause. ( I want to point out that this python script illustrates the problem is now reproducible outside of the webclient, although the problem is still visible there. ) untagged.py
  9. I can give a little more detail. In my original post, you can see at the top of the notes panel it says "16 notes", and yet no notes are displayed. At that time I actually had no untagged notes that would be found by "-tag:*", so the 16 notes is the culprit. I can verify the error in geeknote, the unofficial commandline client. There, one would use " geeknote find --tag '-*' ". It should return "Notes have not been found.", but hangs instead. Looking inside the code, it's hanging in a loop trying to get those 16 notes, but gets no result each time it tries to get one. To be specific, it makes the call to findNotesMetadata at geeknote.py:301, which returns a result whose startIndex is 0 as expected, empty notes array as expected, but a totalNotes value of 16, which is in error. totalNotes should be 0. Now if I intentionally create an untagged note, then the numbers go up by one. The UI shows "17 notes", and geeknote's call to findNotesMetadata gives a notes array containing that one note, but a totalNotes of 17, which of course should be 1. Why is it off by 16? Are there 16 notes somehow in my notebook that are untagged and also inaccessible?
  10. I am using the older version of the web client as you might be able to tell from the screenshot I attached.
  11. I believe there is a larger issue in searching for Untagged notes, beginning somewhere around June 2020. In the webclient, when searching for notes using "-tag:*", I see "focusclient-0.js:15219 XHR finished loading: POST "https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/enweb/notestore" in the console, and "16 notes" in the top of the note list. Within the note list, I see slots marked "Loading...", which never fill. (See screenshot attached). This is in an account that currently has no untagged notes. Worse, using the unofficial command-line client against the same account, "geeknote find --tag '-*'" hangs. Something is wrong.
  12. @Pierre François It's best to post support questions for geeknote over on github, as I see you have, and not cross-post here. This forum isn't monitored for geeknote support. You'll find suggestions to address your problem over on the github issue. Hope it helps. Cheers, Jeff
  13. Thank you @Rich Tener and team for the swift help. And thank you sincerely for your vigilance in protecting users against intrusion as well as insecure code. I'm impressed that you cross-posted to the geeknote forks as well as posting on this forum page. It's clear that you were striving for transparency and support. To the Community: While I'm not the original author of geeknote, I've been maintaining an active branch at https://github.com/jeffkowalski/geeknote. In the original source from which I forked, the consumer key and secret were checked into github, and since that can't be erased from the master record, that's a persistent source of problem that can only be addressed by disabling those credentials. I support Evernote's decision to disable access via those credentials. As Rich points out, there is good news. We can generate and successfully use personal developer tokens immediately to regain access individually. Furthermore, moving forward there's the opportunity for a proper OAuth implementation. Please see https://github.com/jeffkowalski/geeknote/issues/89 for a bit more discussion. In short, to get going again, it's sufficient to set the EVERNOTE_DEV_TOKEN environment variable to your own newly acquired developer token before invoking geeknote once again as usual. For the longer-term solution, I solicit and welcome suggestions and coding help in implementing the proper OAuth solution that will make geeknote accessible again to users more broadly. Please take those suggestions and pull requests over to the github site. Thank you, Jeff
  14. I maintain a geeknote fork. @Rich Tener, I don't understand the action. Geeknote simply uses the approved API to access the service via commandline. Is there a security problem with the program itself? Shutting it off now limits the functionality of legitimate users without recourse. What's the next step?
  15. +1 for linux version, from long-time evernote premium user
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