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  1. Oh my word, thankyou! Off to get off the public beta and onto the developer beta right now! Had been considering it anyway, as the constant springboard crashes (2-3/hour) are killing me, but if that's going to fix Evernote, I'm doing it before I head to work this morning! I'd started moving notes from Evernote into Apple Notes, because I'm losing my mind, not able to use Evernote at all at the moment on my iPad Thankyou! ** Edit ** Public Beta 4 is out!!! ** Edit 30 mins later ** YES!!! Evernote works again!!!!
  2. Yup, this is driving me insane! Installed iPadOS Beta yesterday to get mouse support (OMG, wish I hadn’t.. It’s really not worth it.. Compared to the mouse support I already have inside of Jump RDP, the iPadOS Mouse support is a massive joke :( No ability to use the pointer to select text for copy/paste, no really useful mouse button mappings etc, but I digress..), and now losing my mind trying to get evernote to work.. It’s been my daily driver for years, now I’m having to use Apple Notes :\ Evernote app simply sites there with a spinner trying to load any Note.. Evernote in Safari has this bullet issue that makes documents basically un-editable.. i’m currently RDP’d to a windows box from my iPad, just to use evernote, which isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s working.. It means I can’t just grab my pencil and start sketching when it’s time to do network diagrams etc, which is killing my day to day :\ I always run iOS Beta’s and have never really had this issue before with Evernote :(
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