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  1. Thank you both...sorry i've been having some health issues and couldn't get back to this until now. Yes, Gazumped, i am familiar with crashes--more than i care to think about. That's why i've got all my created files on the external drive, and also back those up to CD....i hope to get a second external drive too... the only cloud service i use really is LiveDrive, but only because there's so much on it, i don't have time to go through and make sure nothing will be lost if i cancel it. (Yes, i really do have a problem with the cloud. it makes me nervous.) So...to avoid any glitches with external drives, what if i used only the local storage features, and backed files up to my C drive, and then had a second backup on my external drive, and livedrive? And if i did it that way, is there some automated way I can do these backups to ensure i won't forget something or lose something? Is that the scheduled incremental backups export feature you suggest, DTLow? I guess i will go ahead and try to set up the livedrive sync to the evernote folder. Maybe that's all i need as automated backup, after all is said and done. (?) Thoughts? ADDENDUM: by the way, are those evernote file formats something i will always be able to access easily? (Unlike the proprietary onenote files, which is one reason i need to divorce onenote. I want to be able to control my own data no matter what a company decides to do).
  2. I'm trying Evernote as a replacement for OneNote. I have imported some of my OneNote notebooks (a feature i love! Hard to find other programs that will import Onenote files). I would be using Evernote offline and locally. i am an author/publisher/artist and i deal with many thousands of files in every form. I need to keep track of all my data, but i have no need or desire to have anything in the cloud. I understand that's LOCAL files, then. I'm not sure yet if i need any online features. Anyway, i can't seem to find where i make sure my files get backed up, if not using the cloud. i have a folder set up on my external hard drive for Evernote, and i want to back up any changes there. I also don't want to keep getting the message that I've reached my limit--are the onenote files being imported local, or are they considered online? Still confused about this aspect.
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