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  1. I have lost my EverNote notes twice now! I like the interface/features of EverNote, but I'm 98% of the way to moving to another note taking application as this does not seem reliable. Both times, it happened after my Mac was re-imaged/HD erased. Since EverNote stores my notes in the cloud, they ought to be available under the same account, right? I have only had one account, so I'm surprised by their absence. After googling, I looked on EverNotes site, checked Trash, etc., as suggested by various articles. Still missing in action.
  2. I did not say I had a blank account... a few notes are there but most are missing. Yes, I'm posting in the Mac forum - because I am running on a Mac. Also, I have only created one Evernote account. Recently, I noticed an 'upgrade'-type pop-up (don't recall the specifics), but went ahead with it. Next time I logged in, it required me to log in (not typical when I'd click the Mac desktop icon) and all my important notes were missing. This post in another forum states that there are such issues with the web version: "Important notes deleted - help needed urgently and unable to figure out how to send email to support"
  3. Most of my notes are gone... deleted presumably, after 'upgrading' to the web version (I believe). I found a post about downgrading to prior versions but it didn't seem to apply to Mac. Can anyone help?
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