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  1. [on Mac Desktop Client] If code spans are already supported, forgive me! If not, I would hugely appreciate support being added. Here's an example of the difference between spans vs. blocks:
  2. [on Mac Desktop Client] Please please PLEASE let tables contain code blocks. They already support bulleted/numbered lists and indentation levels, so I can't think of a reason why they can't support code blocks. The lack of styling customizability is one of the only things causing me to consider exploring Evernote alternatives.
  3. Upvoting this, please give us an update Evernote! More often than not, I don't want my urls hyperlinked. If I do, I'll command+k it. All it takes is a simple addition to the Preferences menu, which is pretty sparse / in need of love, so...give it a new friend! (on a Mac btw)
  4. +1 on this, despite it first being suggested 4 years ago... I don't see a reason why embedded videos would slow down the platform / go against Evernote's "lean and mean" style: you would simply be streaming the video via the video platform when the note is displayed, so the video shouldn't be occupying any storage/operating resources?
  5. Yes I realize that. That's what I'm asking Evernote to change.
  6. Is there a reason this is not supported? Does anyone know of a decent workaround? This would be a game-changer for me, as I'd be able to embed things like Google Sheets straight into my notes, and edit them in-page. ENs are already based off HTML, so I don't know of a reason why support for iFrames would be a huge dev task. Perhaps it's simply a security/quality-assurance concern?
  7. The potential uses of multi-color highlighting are endless. i.e. I might highlight key terminology in blue, problems in red, and longer portions of important information in yellow. As such, if you do ever implement this (please do...please...), it could be useful to allow labels to be tied to colors. So in the highlight menu I could choose "Key Term" which is tied to the color blue.
  8. Whenever clicking on a Shortcut, the Shortcut is briefly highlighted, but this "highlight" then switches to "All Notes" for some reason. This obviously isn't a biggy, but is just a minor annoyance I thought I'd point out. See attached screen recording. screen-rec1.mov
  9. Whoops, sorry. I use the Mac and Android apps, which don't seem to have this functionality. So I guess it's just a matter of extending the Windows app's functionality to the other platforms? Is it safe to say the Windows client is the most feature-rich, or is this more of a one-off difference?
  10. As of now, changing the View settings for "Sort by" and "View Type" (card view, snippet view, etc.) will affect all notebooks.* I would really really like to be able to make this notebook-specific instead. I'm sure some users like that it's global, but you could add an option in the Preferences panel that says something like: View options apply: [globally] [to specific notebooks] One example of why this bothers me: I want to sort most notebooks by Title, but I have a "Bookmarks" notebook that I always want sorted by Date Added. I'm constantly switching to/from this Bookmarks no
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