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  1. Hello, I accidentally signed up for a new account, and although I have gotten back into my old account it is unreliable. I have evernote basic on my mac. In one instance evernote is telling me to upgrade or delete one of my devices, but in my original, I am only in 2 devices. It won't release from from choosing or upgrading. I am now afraid I will lose my original because I am not sure what choice to make. It is telling me my current computer, my iPhone which is my second device and my mac from 65 months ago. Question is, was that the mac I had before I purchased this one or this one. I have had current computer almost 5 years. I have had no success in submitting a ticket, it doesn't seem to allow that option when I have accessed help. Can I delete the accidental opening of the new evernote? Looking for what to do.
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