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  1. Thanks for the hints. However, you should not assume that I have defined the forum as useless. A forum is always important. However, a company should always give the user a chance to communicate errors directly, and I do not mean handling errors but system-side errors, and that includes a crash. Betas are always there to test functionalities. And no one who uses a beta assumes that it works fully. There are always restrictions and problems can occur. However, if I test an operating system, and I do this for years and give feedback accordingly, then I also test the current systems ins
  2. Hello, thanks for the hint. My point is to point out that Evernote, in its current version, will have problems with iOS 13 and need to make the necessary adjustments. I think it's very important for a software company to be alerted to mistakes so as not to cause users great frustration at launch. That's why there are also at Apple's beta versions and the feedback solution to be pointed directly to errors and to receive suggestions. For a good system everyone should go hand in hand. A software company depends on the users. I get my data elsewhere, that's not the point.
  3. I am a beta tester for iOS 13 and of course continue to use the apps that are already installed. With the new iOS 13 version, the notes in Evernote can no longer be opened. The program crashes immediately and is terminated. Can someone help or please pass this problem on to Evernote. Because here we probably will not go with small changes. Thank you. PS. For such crude technical capabilities, Evernote should be able to provide them directly to the developers and not through a community. Just for stimulation. Evernote.mov
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