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  1. I've used Evernote for years and never seen such a frustrating issue as I'm currently experiencing. I can no longer find thumbnails of any of my notes that I used to always see in Card View (or any view for that matter) -- I now just get a blank gray box. Oddly, you can click on certain parts of this gray box and see what you clicked on show up in your main display as options to merge the documents (images attached) but you can't simply see all of them at a glance or intentionally click on anything. Search a term like "KCRW" in my notes, which as noted by the app applies to over 10 notes, and only one will show in my view panel. But it tells me there are serveral other 10 notes available! -- without being able to see what they are. I can click on those suggested search terms but it's not the same as it used to be with actually being able to immediately see EVERY note with a thumbnail and click specifically on that. This is super frustrating and I can't seem to navigate to an actual person at Evernote to help fix this. Can anyone help?? I'm using a Macbook Pro (10.14.3), my software says it's up to date (7.11) and I have no idea how this could have stared. Thank you in advance!
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