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  1. Of course they deserve to put something in their fridge I was just trying to determine what happened because it was really weird for me to see almost all the images gone after updating the client. I understand that it is a cloud based service but I don't think it is an advisable think to do to overwrite the local copy with the cloud one when the local is newer or tagged unsynced, at least they should alert you if you want to do it before. This is just my opinion as user and maybe is useful to someone, I am not trying to start a discussion here, if they think that is the best way to do it for them it's ok. I thank you for the time you have taken to try to throw some light into this.
  2. Hello, thanks for your answer, I understand from your post that the only way to recover something is if I have a local backup of the database previous the installation of the new client? I mean, prior to the installation of this new client, the same day, while using the previous version, the notes were showing the images. That this means that the installation wiped out my local database and synced it with what is in the cloud removing the images? Because if that's so I think this is a terrible mistake by EN software, it makes no sense to overwrite the local files if they are a newer, and what is worst, when they know they have not being synced because of the upload limit...
  3. Hello, I have a basic account that I started using to create some notes a couple of weeks ago. The notes I was creating had both text and images. I have been using the Evernote Windows client to create this notes and a couple of days ago it started showing me a message asking me to upgrade my account because I had almost reached my transfer limits. As the application was still working and I was able to create my notes normally I continued to use it without paying attention to the message described. As I said, everything was working fine until today. The Windows client I was using was outdated and today it prompted me to get updated, I said yes and the newest version got installed. This is when everything started to go south. Once I logged, the notes from two days ago untill this morning where not showing any image,only text, instead a broken image icon is shown.I have tried to reinstall a previous version of the Windows client, both the new and the old web interface, the mobile app, creating a free trial business account and copy my notes ther, none is working, the images are gone. Has this happened because I exceeded my monthly upload limit? In that case why did the application allow me to continue creating more notes and pasting new images? I also wonder why the images were being showed until today after updating the Windows app? Is there a cached version of the notes in the HDD? If that's so why are they not showing in the new version? Can I recovery images from there? Would I be able to recover the images if I upgrade my account to premium or are they lost because they did not get sync in the beginning?I would like to know what has happened here and how can I recover my images back, since they are screen captures that took a lot of work for me to take. I really do not understand how this can happen with an app that is supposed to be used to actually save things...
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