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  1. I think it's noble of you to attempt a defence for their update and I would be inclined to agree with you IF what you said was actually so. Unfortunately, this update does not represent the "unified editor" that people have been calling for. In fact, when one looks at it, there are actually no new features at all. It could be said that the existing features that have always been there, ie checkboxes and bullet points have been made more obvious, and it's easier for a user who is not accustomed to power-search to search by the parameters with the dropdown menu. However all of this functionality has always been there. What genuine new features have been added? All I can see is features have been taken away. I echo all the other posts who say it's massively slowed them down because you could operate Evernote just with keyboard shortcuts. I spent like half an hour thinking I was going crazy looking to see how I could view it as a top-list view. But apparently that's been taken out? I dunno, I'm gravely dissappointed by this. PS I'm actually a mac user, but all the same points apply. This was just the first V10 post that I could see, I'm surprised there weren't more reactionary posts. One of the most serious consequences of this update is, they have effectively changed and re-formated millions of peoples notes with no prior warning or permission. What is going on? The program is slower. Some things are welcome, however I don't see why these updates had to come at the expense of so much. I really think they messed up here, and whoever is leading the project should seriously consider their position. I've heard Evernote hasn't been doing well the last few years, and I fear that these changes have been made in a reactionary way trying to cater to what they believe will orient their product to a more consumer-centric base, like Apple. But at the end of the day, their business comes from us, the majority of which are power users. Alienating core and long-time users is not a good way to grow your business. I feel far less inclined to recommend it as it is now. Similarly I can't see that the changes they've actually made as making Evernote significantly more appealing to newcomers. They keep saying they're going for a cleaner look, but I don't feel like the outcome really matches their stated intention at all. It was a lot cleaner before the redesigns. It was infinitely faster too.
  2. 100% agree. Huge disappointment. I'm quite shocked actually at the overall trajectory of the company over the past few years. Evernote used to be top of the range, pro-user efficient software. Now it feels like third rate bloatware web-app. I really don't see the sense in so many steps being taken backwards. All my notes look completely different now, that is thousands of days and daily logs all modified or corrupted. Why? I was glad to find the legacy version was still able to run and download, and when I opened that it was a sigh of relief. it's immediately obvious which one is more usable. Why couldn't they have just introduced the (small) amount of new features for example the extra search options, into what they already have instead of "building from the ground app" an inferior app. The fact that it doesn't even have preferences is a complete joke, I literally thought I downloaded a corrupt copy or something. Extremely disappointed, I think Evernote need to be taken under new management and leadership, whatever is going on over there isn't working. Even the promotional video with that pointless awful racket playing over the top, is completely nonsensical. IMO, Evernote was best even before the last version, which I thought was bloating it up unnessecarily adding transparency effects and making the overall interface slower. Can't we just have a stripped back functional note and archive system like we had before, instead of this whatever it is.
  3. My friend shared a notebook with me and it has all the permissions set correctly to modify and edit. I can edit notes however I can't add notes. We're both on Basic, but as far as I'm aware this never used to be a limitation. Does anyone know what's up? Cheers!
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