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  1. I think it's noble of you to attempt a defence for their update and I would be inclined to agree with you IF what you said was actually so. Unfortunately, this update does not represent the "unified editor" that people have been calling for. In fact, when one looks at it, there are actually no new features at all. It could be said that the existing features that have always been there, ie checkboxes and bullet points have been made more obvious, and it's easier for a user who is not accustomed to power-search to search by the parameters with the dropdown menu. However all of this function
  2. 100% agree. Huge disappointment. I'm quite shocked actually at the overall trajectory of the company over the past few years. Evernote used to be top of the range, pro-user efficient software. Now it feels like third rate bloatware web-app. I really don't see the sense in so many steps being taken backwards. All my notes look completely different now, that is thousands of days and daily logs all modified or corrupted. Why? I was glad to find the legacy version was still able to run and download, and when I opened that it was a sigh of relief. it's immediately obvious which one i
  3. My friend shared a notebook with me and it has all the permissions set correctly to modify and edit. I can edit notes however I can't add notes. We're both on Basic, but as far as I'm aware this never used to be a limitation. Does anyone know what's up? Cheers!
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