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  1. I did search for the issue, but didn't seem to find a post for this specific error. It happens both on online notebooks and local notebooks, when I add a hyperlink to a file pointing to a smb share \\ And because of this error, discards the entirety of the last changes in the note when I switch to another note. I would need to have those in my notes cause they refer to some processes that I'm using. Could you guys confirm if there is a fix or workaround for the error? I'm using Evernote version (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) on Windows 10 Version 1803. Log: 13:22:54 [ERROR ] [15640] [11276] Note 798 ENML Validation error: Element "a", attribute "href", URL "%5C%5Csjkfs13%5CIT_OEM_INTEL%5CUtilitarios%5CTreeSize%20Professional" error: has invalid value 13:22:54 [ERROR ] [15640] [11276] Can't save note uid=798, error: CantConvertNoteContent Thanks.
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