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  1. I wonder if the fairly new $99-ish MSRP line of Bamboo tablets combined with the new iPad (assuming it has handwriting capabilities) will cause EN to reconsider. I agree that it is odd to provide it for Win but not Mac, and the comment about ink-based computing confuses me. Mac has as many apps that accept pen input as Windows and even has Inkwell but I'm sure there's something at the OS level that makes a difference to them. I would like very much to have this capability in Mac EN since it's a pain to scan and I don't have a mobile camera phone, but I'd also like to encourage everyone to work with the EN team instead of telling them what a load of ***** it is that they made a business decision for their business. Disagree, fine, but please, let's be civil about it.
  2. This may be a great thing for EN guys to consider. My supposition is that regardless of whether the majority want subfolders or not, it's the vocal ones that do. After all, how many would make a new post for "Feature UnRequest - No Subfolders"? At least with a feature vote the EN guys could see true stats on what we want or don't want so they can make their decision with that extra bit of ammo. Personally I didn't see the fuss when Google created GMail and I don't now. Everything I want is in there and with proper titles and tags it should be easy to get to anything I want at a later date. The biggest problem for me with subnotebooks is that much of my stuff fits multiple categories. Tages are easy, notebooks and sub-notebooks not so much. As the most recent example I see in my ENotebook - my insurance agent is moving. Is that something I put under "Contacts" or "Bills" or something else? With tags I can make it all of them and find it when I want. One more example, I handle the website for my church. Do I put the GoDaddy account and renewal information under "church" "websites" "GoDaddy" or "Bills"? With tags I can do them all if I want and when I'm looking for it I can put words like renewal or account along with the tag GoDaddy or Church and it's all good. The biggest problem with hierarchical folder structures is that everything has to fit neatly into only one category or branch of the tree (and this may be part of the programming issues EN cites as the reason they aren't doing it). I think there is a shift toward information being nebulous with a heavy dependence on better search technology.
  3. The ? at the end of a URL tells the website that there are parameters that follow. get.php?file=EvernoteWin is broken down to the page name "get.php", the parameter provided "file" and what that parameter is "EvernoteWin". The get.php script can read what file equals and then handle it accordingly. One script to handle several different flavors of Evernote. They just have to tweek get.php to say "When you see file=EvernoteWin go get file webroot/distribution/Windows/EN35.zip" to upgrade from one to the next version. (that's a made up file path by the way) Try Google for "URL Parameter Passing" for more information and add the language you are using to narrow it down to get examples of how to make it work. Hope it helps! Deverill
  4. I rarely use tags because the search works so well, even in photos, however we are starting at work to assign notes to people for them to maintain and tags and saved searches would be great for that. Evernote is a great program but we all have to remember that they have a finite number of resources. If they had 5,000 programmers 24x7 I'm sure they would implement every suggestion here that's not totally insane. Fact is that they don't so they have to choose the ones that fit their desires, the most customer's needs, and the most beneficial in the cost/payout equation. As a professional programmer I am well aware of the limited resources problem and it is a tough one. Add to that the fact that a lot of their customers are, to be blunt, freeloaders - at least at first - makes it even more important that they pick and choose their tasks wisely. I fit the statistical norm quite well - I was a freeloader for about 8 months and got so much stuff in here I had to upgrade to Pro so I'm not finger pointing, just maybe finger painting the scene from their perspective.
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