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  1. My biggest use for Evernote is on the Mac, but this would apply to other platforms as well. In Mac OSX if you go into the Finder and enter anything into the search section the results come up with a bar at the top that starts with "Search: This Mac..." and at the end is a + icon. Clicking that you can build your searches using dropdowns. The first has: Kind, Last Opened Date, Last Modified Date, etc. if you choose Kind for example there is another dropdown that gives you choices like: Application, Document, Executable, etc. This leads me to think how useful such a thing would be for Evernote Searches! The first box would let you choose Notebook, Tag, Created, Modified, etc. The second box would changed depending on the first. Choose Notebook or tag it lists your notebooks or tags. Choose one of the date fields and it gives a date select dialog. This would improve Evernote's search so much since the user who just wants to use it could have advanced search with basic knowledge and the geeks could use that memory space for something other than tag:, etc. If Evernote search were made like the Finder search is done we could even add new criteria for family vacation destinations without having to memorize or look up an alphabet soup: Tag:Florida Notebook:Vacation intitle:beach resource:image/jpg -tag:adult Thanks for Evernote!
  2. If you type the does the little bubble with The and an X to cancel show up? If you right click on the does The show up in the popup menu? If so it's something Mac. Those are the only two things that happen to me when I type, for example, 'thier'. Nothing happens for me to move the to The so it's very unlikely to be an Evernote bug.
  3. Here's an out-of-the-box idea. It works on Mac and I assume it will on Windows. If you have all of your regular notebooks in a notebook stack and the Archive notebook is not you may be able to just select the stack and do the search and it will only include the notebooks in that stack, not the Archive notebook. In my case, I have a lot of notebooks in a stack called Reference and then some pretty offbeat notebooks outside that... I tested this and, like I said, it works on the Mac version so it would be worth a try on the Windows version. Hope it helps!
  4. And knowing is half the battle. Sorry, couldn't resist. I have found a lot of good information on Evernote but it's scattered and not consolidated in one easy to digest piece. I wish that EN could do some kind of electronic documentation that they could easily keep up to date... that's the biggest problem I think, that it changes so much a traditional document would be outdated before it was completed.
  5. I think this may have been in response to people saying it was bad that anyone could walk up to their computer and read their notes. Hopefully they will find a "happy medium" that solves both requests. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to get to my Evernote contents.
  6. If CW is only grabbing a picture of the tags, and it looks that blurry, could you use Skitch to get it. I've had great clarity with Skitch and it's an Evernote product as well.
  7. I love Skitch! The only thing I really wish it had was the ability to select a section of an image and drag it elsewhere. I realize there could be issues with what to leave behind in it's place but I'm getting tired of my boss with Snagit on his Windows machine snapping a screen and moving things around when I can't do it with Skitch! I do think it would be a great feature for mock-ups or communicating desired changes to coworkers. Thanks!
  8. Let me throw this out. It's only a gut feeling but it seems that there may be an issue, for me at least, of my ScanSnap making a searchable PDF that then gets fed into Evernote. It "feels" like the ScanSnap OCR may be throwing off the Evernote OCR, but as I said, it's only a feeling and I can't nail it down. Anyone else?
  9. Hey, GM, thanks for presenting your preference and then the alternates instead of soapboxing your favorite. It's nice to see someone offering suggestions instead of trying to convince everyone their way is right. Evernote can be "all that" for everyone regardless of their preferences!
  10. If you haven't been there yet, check out the section for Evernote for Higher Education and Universities with Student Ambassador Megan Cotter. I'm sure they will have some interesting discussions to draw from and add to since you are a student and in love with Evernote. As Peter said, there is no wrong section and it makes me happy to see someone else blessed with the joy of using a great tool that I love.
  11. No need to get huffy that you're not a programmer... no one expects you to be. I'm merely stating that if 1 million users want a feature that is nearly impossible for the way notes are currently being stored then that voting system will: 1. Be gamed for any who have that as a pet feature. 2. Raise expectations for a quick solution by Evernote even if it requires a mass rewrite of everything down to the core. 3. Create a false priorities list for Evernote - "this has been on the list for 3 weeks and 1M people want it!" As a non-programmer it gets hard to understand why the notes are stored in a doubly-linked list that's folded into a b-tree, or whatever, and why that even matters. I'm also not saying it is unimportant to know what the customer wants, just that a voting system doesn't work well with vote gaming and other social issues. Customer service reps can use a little intelligence and minimize this sort of bias. When it goes through the liason to the dev team they can make intelligent decisions based on real "ear to the rail" reports and not what some voting booth says. This is very true, that is why every good company has programmers, lead programmers, designers, project leads, executives, human resources, testers, etc. as well as customer service people to keep in touch with all aspects of the product. As evidenced here.
  12. I also oppose a voting system. One thing most users who are not programmers don't realize is that there are a lot of factors behind changes to a product. There are technical issues - especially considering there are several different platforms and they want to maintain some semblance of similarity between them. There is the fact that what the majority of customers (or the ones that game the voting system) is not necessarily good for the company. There is the truth that it's their company and sometimes they want to work on one feature over another. I think a voting system would only give false hope to customers and an implied list of deliverables from the company. It would only be bad. As for what needs to be done or what the customers want, I'm sure that between emails, these forums which are monitored, and other avenues, Evernote does know what people are asking for.
  13. You know, that makes sense. If I am logged into #1 with Stay Logged In checked and switch to #2, and log out it shouldn't automatically log me in as #1. That's why I don't like testing - it puts one in a mindset that's not necessarily "real world". Well done with the account switching!
  14. Sorry, Metrodon. I didn't realize that such an informal gathering as this required a precise attention to details of grammar and spelling. For someone who wants perfection, this is the type of spelling up with which one will not put. Good luck to you, my friend, for your crusade is a sizable one when even companies like Sharpie use that spelling: http://goo.gl/fESgx
  15. 1. My first request to add hilighting. 2. My deep and heartfelt thanks for Evernote. 3. My complete understanding that it will be here when it gets here.
  16. Those are the menu choices, among others, that I get with an Evernote note open in a web browser. Are you using the Evernote client on the Mac or are you using a web browser to go to the web version of Evernote? If it is the latter then there probably is not a way to do what you want without using the client.
  17. Hi dlu, I just tried the account switching feature. Other than scratching my head for a second and then realizing you said "You can now logout of an account" and the accompanying AHA moment, it works great for me. I have my personal account and one I keep for our sound ministry at the church so this is a very nice feature indeed. It certainly beats shutting down the program to switch! I did a little "try to break it" testing and the only thing I notice is if on Acct #1 you have "stay logged in" checked and then sign out to switch, that is not maintained for #1. That is probably on purpose but I kinda expected to tell it to stay logged in to #1 and then if I go to #2 and then back to #1 it would remember I wanted to stay logged in to acct #1. Just a thought... certainly not anything broken. Thanks for working so hard to come out with a new release so quickly. The stability will be much appreciated.
  18. This sounds like something you should submit a support ticket for. That way they can talk you through how to get any log file information they need or they can look on their end to see what the problem is if it shows up there. We would be hard-pressed to identify the problem note with our (non-)access to your files.
  19. I explained sponsored accounts to my boss like this: "It is MY Evernote account, you just get to pay for it". He does anyway but the sponsored account would save him some cash since there are 7 of us using it. Something to keep in mind that my boss pointed out is that if you have a premium account and sign on to the sponsored accounts you will lose your original time and it will be for 1 year from the sponsorship. I'm sure this is to avoid an accounting nightmare and to have all accounts come due at the same time but it is important to note if you have anyone that's already an Evernote user.
  20. It was mentioned briefly above but something I use almost every day that I don't see talked about much is email into Evernote. There is a "secret email address" that I just forward any important emails to. If I want to save the email I Forward and the Evernote address is in my address book so I type a couple of characters and hit Enter. It's certainly not "one-click" but it has proven extremely useful to me and I wanted to mention it in case anyone else can benefit from it that my not have realized you could do that.
  21. JMichael, I was all set to dispute you. After all, how did I, or any of us, learn what we know now about EN? The truth of it is that the answer is elusive as you mention and that's for someone that knows their way around. For a new user, or worse yet, someone new to the Internet it becomes monumental. Therefore, I'll add my $0.02 to your post that indeed, good, complete, clear documentation is lacking. I know it's more fun to code and produce than to document but it is indeed an area where Evernote needs a boost and would make a big difference for users. [but Evernote still rocks! ]
  22. Hi Johnny, I wanted to tell you one way I use tags because they help me handle my bills and information to store "for later" and may help you. I read this in a post somewhere and adapted it to my own thing and it works great for me. I have tags that help categorize things. I have a "medical", "banking", "tax receipt", "Room" (building a storage room, etc. This lets me group things together but not discreetly as in a "it's either this or that" manner. I also have tags for when - "2011", "2012" and "01 - Jan", "02 - Feb" etc. This lets me associate a time with everything I enter, if it is needed. If not then I don't struggle to figure out which group it's in. My Electric bill is easy - "04 - April" and "2012". If It's not obvious then I skip that. Finally, I have tags for people who are heavily in my life - "me", "Mom", "[my girlfriend]", etc. The way this works for me is when I get a lab report from the doctor for Mom's bloodwork (she's disabled and I care for her) I categorize it "2012" "04 - April" "Mom" "Medical" and I actually have a sub-tag for "Labs". Easy to buzz through them and like I said, it groups things together that I may want to look up: Mom's labs, all medical for this month, etc. I hope this is something that you can use or inspires you to go your own way... that's what Evernote's about - make it your own and have fun!
  23. The way I use Evernote, as an example, is to have notebooks like a student in school, one for each major subject. Tags can go cross-notebooks, of course, so a note in the Math notebook could have "Test material" the same way a note in the English notebook could. I'm not a student but this way of looking at it helps me conceptualize it. I also have tags for year and month for various bills, lab reports, etc. If I get an electric bill I'll tag it "2012" and "04 - April" and "Bill" so I can search them all together if I need to see where my money went - a common occurrence lately The downside to this approach is if I make my notebooks too detailed. "Medical" is fine, if I make one for "Doctor Visit", "Lab Report", "Bill", etc then I'll make myself crazier. Even if they are grouped into the same stack it's easier to not have to decide if this bill for a lab test goes under lab or bill! The bottom line is, of course, that Evernote is flexible enough for each of us to do what works for us. Do what works for you and enjoy it instead of trying to fit into someone else's model.
  24. Lol Jeff! A couple of tips for the photos. Make sure you get some kind of stand that allows you to angle the albums to catch the best light possible while at the same time keeping your phone's shadow off of it. Get an app that can help you clean up your snapshot. There was an article on Jotnot integration with Evernote for example. You need a tool in case you are at a slight angle - the album won't be square. I think the merged notes may be a good solution. Make sure to let us know how it turns out and what you learn as you do it.
  25. LOL, exactly my point!!!! As one man was fond of saying, "Whether you like it or ya don't like it, learn to love it cause it's the best thing going today." Your choices vary, if you can live without it then you have that option, of course. I have not found anything that can even come near Evernote's usefulness for me so I voice my opinion about certain things and then accept that it is their product and I can either take it or leave it. Contrary to the philosophy of the country today, I am not entitled to everything I want. If I weren't a Premium customer I'd be even more inclined to say my peace and shut up about it instead of coming into the forums and attacking Evernote, their staff, other customers, etc. as if I were entitled to abuse an "Internet user forum". This is not alt.binaries.Evernote.bash.bash.bash... it is a forum hosted, paid for, and monitored by Evernote. Don't compromise your morals, but otherwise when you are in someone else's house as a guest act like a human being and not a whiney brat that wants to kick and scream until Mommy gives in and gives you candy just to shut you up. Oh, you have the right to continue to comment. You have the right to make yourself out to be the northbound end of a southbound horse as well... it's your choice. Until Evernote decides to stop it you indeed have that right. Furthermore, I never said "if you don't like it why don't you take a hike" and if that was meant to be aimed at me then I'd say once again you are horribly misquoting people, as you are want to do. What I said, put differently, is if Evernote is, as you state and imply, such a terrible product that is created by programmers that can't even do a simple task and they won't even give you the satisfaction of fixing it BEFORE you are even a paid customer then why put yourself through that? I think Windows blows so I quit using it... it's not worth the pain of using a bad product, whining about it all the time, listening to others who love it and appreciate it... it's easier just to switch to Mac. I'm not telling you to quit using Evernote, I'm asking why you still do since it sucks so bad, in your presented complaints? I'm not emotionally identified with Evernote and I'm not upset you are complaining about a flaw. I'm upset that you attack the programmers and Chief Executives of a tool that has totally changed my life so dramatically. You make baseless comments about how easy it is to fix. Are you a programmer? Do you know about how to read the Exif and flip photos? Do you know the intimate details of Evernote so you can say for sure it is an easy thing to do? There are a lot of factors that customers don't always 'get'. I'm upset that instead of acting like an adult and stating the issue and letting Evernote decide whether to do anything about it so you can decide whether to keep using the free product, you come in here and lash out at everything and everyone in sight. Finally, I'm upset I've wasted so much of my time on this tirade of yours, but many others here are too polite to say what I did, even if they think the same. When I say Evernote has dramatically changed my life I'm not exaggerating. I have come to the point of being able to remember almost nothing and I've never had great organizational skills when it comes to paper so EVERYTHING that crosses my path goes into Evernote and it makes it possible to function. Evernote is an awesome product (not perfect but awesome nonetheless) that has made it possible for me to function on a near-normal level and keep my life sorted so yes, when a wanker like you comes in whining and attacking everyone around it does upset me. I've said everything I have to say. Carry on your tantrum if you like... you won't have to hear from me on this issue again... I'm going to go find someone that appreciates Evernote and could use some help instead of fighting over how terrible it is when they have the freedom to quit using it. Cheers! I hope you find a product that does what you like. Maybe Microsoft would be more responsive to your 'comments' with OneNote?
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