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  1. long feedback steps and trouble, there are many times suddenly appear connection problems, you have to refresh the page, and then you will find screenshots saved uploaded attachments and pictures disappeared; when I label a PDF, there will be several situations where the PDF page is always on and out, but the PDF content does not appear, and the second is: display error, modification cannot be saved to the document (how big a PDF will appear cannot be labeled, ( Add a PDF greater than a certain MB can not be labeled why not in the help or prompt inside the instructions, my PDF size is 60MB I can not label, a twenty MB can) because of this problem I gave up impression notes as a knowledge management tool, because i usually have a lot of PDF files need to be read and labeled, So I moved to OneNote as the main force and spent about a thousand yuan to buy the OneNote gem gem plug-in; right-click -open mode - I use PDF element to label, I found that sometimes after saving off sometimes the label still exists sometimes not; Why every month synchronous traffic up to 10GB but just can not label PDF, it is one of the main reasons For me to upgrade my account, otherwise I do not have to upgrade at all;
  2. I think the order of importance is like this: folders, shortcuts; saved searches, then tags; The search function of Evernote is very strong. Why not further strengthen it; this function seems to have not changed for a long time. Why can't I sort the saved searches, just like notes? Or I shouldn't save so many searches, I have to delete them; What kind of process should I use to tag it; search deletes are replaced with tags, but there has been pressure to tag them; (I have a lot of time to write some task notes and a record of completion); some confused hope to get a response There is also guidance; this is what I wrote with Google Translate; if the expression is not clear enough to read, I am very sorry; because the international version can use IFTTT and other functions; this is my first use of feedback function, it seems to be different from other feedback They all use mail but this is a web page submission; I'm already thinking about giving up on the use of notion; it's not really good. I have to add a new form to put the picture there or it will occupy the screen; I have a lot of pictures to manage and notion's search function is not strong; evernote is not so Need feedback and progress, the feedback process is cumbersome and troublesome; it is already a giant beast; When to give up evernote may depend on the speed at which notion improves the search;
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