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  1. According to the page you sent as a link [How to create a table of contents with links to other notes], you have to have use of both hands. I am not able to do this.
  2. One thing wrong with the way to create a table of contents... I cannot physically do it. I type with only one hand. The other hand doesn't work.
  3. I was thinking about maybe making a master list of links or just making sure that my "general" notebooks have the originals.
  4. I'm old too now. Will be 65 in September. However, I've had the memory problem since I was 17. Had an unexplainable stroke. Having multiple notes saying the same thing is a cognitive trick I learned in occupational therapy along with always putting things back where I got them from, and having a set routine.
  5. I was told about the work-around using shared links. That'll work for me. I just didn't want to lose track of some info. all because it was in a spec. notebook and not a general one too. You see, I have short-term memory loss problems so notes in several places is important for me.
  6. That defeats the whole idea of being able to put a note in more than one notebook.
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