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  1. There is no delete notebook option anywhere. See attached screenshots, both selected notebook and notebook list. How is one suppose to delete notebooks in the "New Evernote Web"?
  2. I truly appreciate the Evernote web client. It's helped me become a more organized person and I'm hooked for life. There is one thing though that drives me absolutely bonkers. When moving the mouse even near a URL, a tooltip shows up beneath it and sort sticks around for a little while. Now I put a lot of URLs in my notes especially when researching topics that involve references. This means any amount of clicking around in a note inevitably clicks on these tooltips which open the url in different tabs. They often times (always) get in the way of where I'm trying to click and it is quite frustrating. There needs to be a way to turn this tooltip thing off. I find no value in it's presence. I am perfectly happy clicking or shift-clicking or copy/pasting the URL itself if I want to navigate to it. Seriously...
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