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  1. More a UX idea rather then a coding suggestion but felt it was best illustrated in both, if only rudimentary. Yes I expect they are busy, especially when it comes to there more general 2019 road map https://evernote.com/blog/looking-ahead-evernotes-priorities-2019/ thought it they start slipping on some of the details their 'top of the category' position might be more unstable as other more targeted products come out. I seriously feel for the devs when there must be such a push for enterprise use and stability and when more and more of their direct rivals are the likes of Microsoft and Google themselves (though Googles workflow differs enough with keep + drive docs that maybe its more direct with Microsoft's one note?). Would be genuinely interesting to see what selling points sets are valued the most, I know text recognition on images must be one of the killers.
  2. Suggestion of implementation Have all H1, H2, ect auto create anchor points directly as an html element with conflict resilience with random note unique addition or only the random addition to help match current share URL style; <h1 name="chapter-1-(iiop)">Chapter 1</a> <h2 name="the-first-point-(273j)">The First Point</a> <h1 name="chapter-2-(182u)">Chapter 2</a> <h2 name="the-second-point-(273o)">The Second Point</a> <h2 name="the-third-point-(yh76)">The Third Point</a> <h3 name="refs-(iow1)">Ref's</a> <h1 name="chapter-3-(ei8h)">Chapter 3</a> <h3 name="refs-(10dj)">Ref's</a> or <h1 name="iiop">Chapter 1</a> <h2 name="273j">The First Point</a> <h1 name="182u">Chapter 2</a> <h2 name="273o">The Second Point</a> <h2 name="yh76">The Third Point</a> <h3 name="iow1">Ref's</a> <h1 name="ei8h">Chapter 3</a> <h3 name="10dj">Ref's</a> Then have an auto generated contents option to add and link/jump to (with style options), with flexibility when adding size options without breaking formats (see "10dj" in example) and auto refresh on note ether in near real time or every time a manual refresh/note is opened. Example 1 style wise; Chapter 1 The First Point Chapter 2 The Second Point The Third Point Ref's Chapter 3 Ref's Example 2 style wise; Chapter 1 The First Point Chapter 2 The Second Point The Third Point Ref's Chapter 3 Ref's Example 3 style wise: Chapter 1 The First Point Chapter 2 The Second Point The Third Point Ref's Chapter 3 Ref's Example 4 style wise: Chapter 1: The First Point Chapter 2: The Second Point / The Third Point >> Ref's Chapter 3: Ref's ------------------------- Edit: One last idea, have in link function (or a right click insert) searchable links to headers in document or title with link (again searchable popup) for quick reference.
  3. Think this is definitely 2 different requests, maybe even 3? Search function for notebook selection in share dialog on iOS Search function for tag selection/s in share dialog on iOS Create new notebook in notebook selection on desktop clients Edit: for the search function for selecting options I wonder if this is some kind of iOS limitation as it implemented to a degree in the Android app.
  4. There might be a use case for something like this even for subscribers; Offline notebooks on non expandable storage equipped phones File formate not natively supported to be converted to something that is like .webp > .jpg (note I have added a request for the support of .webp in clients) For the quick conversion of unsupported formats on desktop previews like .webm or for if a video player was ever added (eg this request for an embedded video player) In a funny sort of way the op is almost looking for a quality downscale for images or a re-size, in itself helpful if you have a large image (say A0 architectural plans in a) jpg format for annotation ease of use that in the preview doesn't need to be 300dpi / 9933x14043px?
  5. I second this! It's incredibly frustrating not having any basic web player or even thumbnail. Wouldn't it be brilliant if we had an inbuilt converter function for media (maby a right click function ect) for things like video to gif or even .webp to .mp4 (since any web player implantation is bound to be stuck with mp4 only, codecs be damed)? I have to resort to a shared Google Photo album if I'm sending this as any kind of quick remote pitch, hover play for videos feels like luxury by comparison. If you need videos in notes for things like FAQ's you might like to take a look at Notion (Referral link / Normal Link).
  6. Situation: Some sites have adopted .webp (for performance and licensing reasons) however evernote clients don't support the format as an image to display them Suggested fix: add support for .webp (or if not posable, add support for the web clipper to auto convert to .jpg with perhaps a toggle so that users who would like to keep the original can do so)
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