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  1. One other workaround I've come up with is pasting an empty character like this one: [ ‌‌‎ ] into the title. Obviously not very convenient, as you'd have to go somewhere to copy it every time. For some reason alt + 32 (/255/0160) does not work, as the title reverts back to "Untitled."
  2. Thanks for a workaround (still only a workaround though..). It's not just the title text that's different, it's the title behavior. For the "Untitled" ones I can select the title (ctrl+a) and edit the word ("Untitled"). I can also delete it, but it's recreated when I exit the text field. For the "Untitled Note" ones I can't even select the title or edit it. As soon as I start typing it disappears.
  3. Maybe read my comment first before leaving nonsense replies? How is some notes being called "Untitled" and others "Untitled note" with no apparent pattern whatsoever "consistent?" Look up what the word consistency means please. Consistency helps me keep things organized, but that is anything but consistency. Uh, don't tell me what to do? A note is not a novel. It's not supposed to have a title. Or maybe you could suggest a title for a note saying "deep tissue work" or "juicy realm" or any other 2-3 word note that is self-descriptive (for me, the user anyway) and would only become unnecessarily cluttered from having a title?
  4. Can't agree more. After so many years how is this still a thing? I'm tired of seeing "Untitled note" everywhere. It's very distracting and clutters up the UI incredibly quickly. What's worse is some are named "Untitled note," while others are named just "Untitled," and I suspect that's due to them being created on different clients (e.g. the web vs Android). No consistency whatsoever. How am I supposed to keep things organized when something this basic is overlooked? Like, why should a note have a title to begin with. Why not let us not have a title? The way they do it in Google Keep or Simplenote.
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