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  1. Thank you for the reminder indeed. I think that would solve my issue. Could you just give a hint where exactly should I go, as I couldn't find that in settings.
  2. Hello, everyone! Firstly, lack of an option for contacting the company if you are not paying sucks, because I am concerned about the security of my account, and I can't report it directly if I am not paying; Secondly, the security issue itself. I started using iPhone Xs Max, which has face recognition for security. I think I have allowed Evernote to use this feature as well. But I think it should scan for face recognition every time I switch between the open apps. The case is that if I open Evernote with sensitive information, then open another app, and then try to switch between the open apps, Evernote is still showing the content of the sensitive note. It would be more correct if: 1. Evernote hide the content of the note in such a case; 2. Evernote asks for face recognition everytime you come back from another app. Regards, Hasan.
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