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  1. Not a part of HTML, I meant to say not a part of ENML. If your input has <script> it removes it before outputting in ENML so that JavaScript is not allowed. I'm not very advanced in this stuff, but you can hide and unhide, just with CSS, so maybe it could be a possibility to do without JavaScript. So, instead of you clicking the button to bold and it inputting <b>, you would have a button that inputted <style = display:hidden> (not sure if that is even correct) The funny thing about the ENML is that each line has a <div> or something strange and that id's and classes are also blocked, so I don't know how you could send a command to hide more than one line, just by inputting tags.
  2. They realize it is an issue. dlu even said that he uses Workflowy, sometimes. The problem is that notes are created in a restricted type of HTML(ENML) which only allows certain tags and doesn't allow javascript. My guess is that being able to have a collapsible outline would require a new basis for how all notes are formatted.
  3. Are there any services or integrations (ifttt/zapier) that would send you a note daily from a set tag? For example, you keep a tag for quotes, but you never go back and look at them. How could you set things up to have one note per day from this tag sent to you so you would see them periodically?
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