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  1. Thank you! Your reminder forced me to reacquaint with Pages. I just prefer Evernote as I use it all the time.
  2. Iphone 11 current. Evernote 10.2 Sent to printer from phone. Thanks!
  3. I am using a note for a casual letter. When I print the letter the notebook name is showing up at the top of the page above what could be called the header. I have looked at settings and searched in help and found nothing. How do I turn that off so it does not show on the printed page?
  4. I have had Basic for a long time and love it . Recently lost some of a note's content. I understand to see the history I would need to upgrade. After upgrade will it go back to beginning point of the note (possibly years) or just when it was upgraded? Also when are there usually promos for a better price? Of course when I saw them before I wasn't interested . Thanks!
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