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  1. Yes I was on manually installed 8.8.1 using the downloaded APK, and I also had auto-update unticked. See my post where I followed the LuizSiqueiraNeto post.
  2. Yesterday the Evernote Android update said "Last updated 5 Jun 2019". Today the update said "Last updated 26 Jun 2019". I couldn't see a version number on the update so I just tried it. Once installed I was able to read the 8.11 version number at the bottom of the READ MORE.
  3. I have now got the 8.11 update. The opening time delay problem has gone. Capitalisation of the first letter of a new line, or after a full stop, works for me except when a checkbox is used. I find it interesting that the Twitter @evernotehelps account does not tell followers about the 8.11 Android release.
  4. Thanks to gazumped for the https://twitter.com/evernotehelps tip. A Twitter search for @evernotehelps android reveals:
  5. Additional Info about delay in opening a note on my Android mobile device. I cleared the cache on the 8.10 App. It did not help. I cleared the data on the 8.10 App. It did not help. I uninstalled and re-installed the 8.10 App. The opening delay reduced but only for about a half an hour or so after which the long opening delay returned. I have now uninstalled 8.10 and installed 8.8.1 as per the LuizSiqueiraNeto post above. I managed to find the auto-update tick box under the 3 dot menu button at top right of Evernote entry under "My apps & games" in the Google Play store. So far there is no delay in opening a note.
  6. I also have a lag of about 30 or more sec when opening a note on my android phone. It makes the phone app very tedious to use. I believe the problem started after the 5 June 2019 Evernote update to v 8.10. The delay lag did not occur prior to early June 2019. Creating a new note on my android phone is either immediate or takes a 1 to 3 seconds. If I save the note on the phone and then try to open it again it takes 30 or more sec. Closing the same note on the phone and re-opening it also takes a 30 or more seconds. Sometimes (say one out of 10 times) I get an on-screen message "Opening note, please wait" which appears only 2 to 4 sec before the note opens, i.e. it appears after about 26 to 28 seconds. My phone: LG G6. Android 8.0.0 Evernote 8.10
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