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  1. Honestly, I thought this was support... When I went to the "technical issues" (or something) page it sent me here to the forums. When you say "No switching possible" -- what do you mean? As the app currently works, I can switch between my Business (attached to work email) and Personal (attached to personal email) accounts by clicking on the profile in the top left corner.
  2. I don't know that I have an option to work as admin or user on the desktop app. I have the option to switch between Business and Personal accounts (which I do periodically through the day), but nothing that signifies I am an admin or otherwise. I checked through settings and didn't find anything related to this issue. I agree with you that the client thinks I am an admin and I need more spaces though.
  3. Whenever I use the desktop client (since upgrading to Evernote Business) I get this screen (see attached) when returning to the app from a different space. This happens on full screen mode as well. You can only view your notes by clicking in the toolbar at the top. I use Evernote quite a lot (enough to pay for the Business version) and typically have it open and running my entire day. Restarting the app does nothing and I am running the latest version. This is very irritating, am I the only one seeing this?
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