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  1. Unfortunately this has started happening again for me. It stopped for a couple of weeks after I downloaded the update, but started again on Friday.
  2. Thanks! This looks like the same problem, so I'll follow this. The only threads I could find were from 2012
  3. Hi - thanks for the response I'm on Mojave 10.14.5 It is the EN client. I don't use the webclipper in Evernote
  4. Have been using Evernote on my Mac for about 9months as it is what my work uses. Other than it constantly freezing (that has been happening for months - at least once a week) it is now constantly asking for my Keychain. I do not use Keychain. How can I stop it asking for it? As far as I'm aware - I have not updated Evernote recently. I have version Version 7.10 (457750 Direct)
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