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  1. To the admins and forum creators: Might be considerable to open a forum section for dashboards and other creative things in which productivity and creativity works of Evernote users can be presented. We are all looking for solutions and ideas, i would say almost every single day. Sometimes it doesn't needs much but just a great input and a thought-provoking-impulse to find the way to a perfect and tightly fitting solution ... happy day
  2. CONGRAZ. Anyway, there are a few boards really inspired me. Sadly i missed this content... but thanks to all 🐞 for the great inspiration for upcoming 2020 restructuring works in Evernote. Happy day.
  3. Generated if you open Evernote in your Office? That's COOL. A dashboard which is highly flexible editable and with the possibility to implement content from different sources.. 6 pm then, showing a inner space screenshot of your fridges with recommendations what to buy and what products are necessary needed , where the product might be available and a pre-calculated route how you get all those things a. fastest way b. most economically way c. comparison of co² footprint (buy it now or buy it in one load weekly/monthly) ...
  4. WEB CLIPPER ISSUE Not sure when this took place (not with the update from yesterday that is sure), but first it makes no sense (for reason of space) and secondly it has nothing to do with a simplified clip format. If choosing simplified or "without formatting" the meaning of that is clear: Not want a formatted note. PLAIN. Just formatted in a "unformatted" Evernote Note :))) Look at this, to know what I mean: The clippers remark on the top shows the effective note wide, underneath the clipped note in not that plain manner and there is no way to change it after clipping (by right click > simplify or remove format)... Is that on purpose or accidentally changed. I do not find it thrilling, honestly.... It's (in my case) the most used format to clip content as it removes all the annoying things web dev's might implement in a side. Reducing the content to it's purest form...And that is brilliant. ....
  5. Yes me too. I have the specific folder to gather all the added content from web clipper. Mostly those articles and content from the internet I have to read again or need it straight a head for research purpose. And I like to rearrange the content a bit, or add some tags. BTW. the intuitive tag finder works quite precise. But of course not just straight from the beginning. The Add-on needs time to learn....
  6. Hello everyone. Not new to Evernote, but new to the community forum.....:ph34r: 

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