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  1. 22 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    You may want to avoid posting in Evernote/Hammer User discussion forums?  😋

    There is a feature request posted at the top of this discussion.  You can indicate your support using the vote buttons at the top left corner

    There does seem to be some level of participation by Evernote employees, who identify themselves as such; I’ll therefore assume that their presence here (“here” being a forum on the company’s website) is a part of their job. I’ve been griping about this lack of basic functionality (and I do recognize that my choice of vocabulary represents a value judgement, one perhaps not shared by others) since the ancient days when the support interface consisted of talking to a human on the phone. Over the past half-dozen years, each of my attempts to raise the issue again through the support link has been answered by a boiler-plate “That’s a great idea!” email, as I described before. My reluctant participation on the forum is an attempt to amplify the small squawk I’m able to produce. 

    Thanks for the pointer to the voting button; I had missed that. However, it does bring me back to my initial contention, that although this forum is ostensibly of, by, and for the user community, the only way it can effect any corrective change is by means of the participation and responsiveness of the company.

  2. 3 hours ago, DTLow said:

    My work-around solution is using a feature provided by third party Filterize.

    >>I’ve asked for this repeatedly, and for years.

    Your account shows a single post

    Yes, I’m new to this forum. However, the oldest Evernote note I still have filed is dated 28 October, 2008. I’m uninterested in talking about Evernote. I’m interested in talking to Evernote, so they can build a tool which is better suited to my needs. I’ve used hammers for about 70 years, and am equally uninterested in talking about them.

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  3. I’ve asked for this repeatedly, and for years. If I’m bouncing along with a handheld device on some sort of public transportation, it’s just far too easy to inadvertently modify or remove content that I was simply attempting to consult. I don’t understand why a response to a problem statement which is obviously widely recognized is always answered with a boilerplate “That’s a great idea!” response. I don’t even care if the ability to protect the state of a note requires the equivalent of simultaneously patting my head, rubbing my belly, and standing on one leg; if I believe the state of a document to be precious, I want to be able to mark it as such.

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