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  1. We are trying out Evernote 7.10 on our MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.5, and having the same annoying problem of no margin at the bottom of notes, which has been happening to other users for FIVE YEARS since this thread began in 2014, with Evernote apparently doing NOTHING to fix it. We mainly want to use Evernote for to do lists. When we reach the bottom of a note page, create a square to-do icon, type our note, and press return, the next automatically generated square to-do box, and our cursor, partly or entirely disappears below the screen. The screen does not scroll. It only scrolls and shows the next to-do box when we start typing. And then, only just enough to see the line we are typing, which is at the very bottom edge of the screen. It does not make any difference whether we maximize or reduce the screen size. As one person on this thread pointed out, one can do a work-around by padding the bottom of one's notes with blank lines. They even suggested writing the notes in other software and pasting them into Evernote. It is absurd to need to use outside software to "fix" Evernote's problem. People and machines generally do not write or type to the very edge of a page. Evernote is the first and only app we have encountered in which pages do not have margins.
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