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  1. Thank you for responding...I see it now on App on Windows machine. Is there a way to use Google integration with web version of Evernote? Many thanks again! Gregg
  2. Hi... I went into settings>connected services and set up Google Drive integration...but how do I actually add documents from Google Drive? Documentation is vague or visuals don't match current interface. I don't see a Google Drive button anywhere...and I have tried on web versio on Mac and PC and PC app. Thank you for your help! Gregg
  3. So...I am new to Evernote after a long hiatus. Overall looks great. But I cannot, for the life of me, find where to set a reminder on the web version on a Mac or PC (I tried both) and when I try to do it on the downloaded application, I get a field to complete but no clue as to how to input a date and time. Or just a date. Is it me? Or is it you, Evernote? FWIW, on app or web app, it looks nothing like the image in Help: Instead, on the downloaded app, I get this puzzling interface: Thanks for any info or help! Gregg
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