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  1. I'm considering a switch to https://joplinapp.org/ I've just imported my 2.6GB Evernote export into it, which contains ~5500 clips of webpages I was reading since 2016 December. Navigating them is a lot snappier than in Evernote. Joplins full-text search also seems to be finding more relevant pages and provides a more versatile query language too. While the Joplin UI is a lot more limited than Evernotes and the keyboard navigation in it is even buggy, I would rather use Joplin, because it supports Markdown! Joplin has a Web Clipper too, which does a decent job of cleaning web pages. I doesn't do much with YouTube pages, BUT the Firefox version of Evernote's web clipper also has issues with YouTube, because it seems to be not updated for a long time. (The Chrome version works well though). I also have the chance to maintain the hosting of the shared note database myself, so I don't have to rely on Evernote's servers. I've also considered https://simplenote.com/, because their client applications are all open source and they support Markdown too, but unfortunately their backend is not open (because they have some great real-time collaborative editing features, I guess, like https://etherpad.org/ or https://github.com/ether/etherpad-lite :) The killer feature in Evernote for me is still the OCR capability. I store my receipts, bank statements in a separate notebook, so I can present them when I want to use some warranty or tell my friends where did I buy something and for how much. I would probably keep my Evernote subscription for this feature alone for awhile still.
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