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  1. When I annotate a drawing in Evernote 8..2, the default font is a big wide filled thing. Bad for scientific drawings. Now somehow my annotation font has shrunk to a tiny size, and I cannot figure out how to change it. One would think double-tapping the "a" with my pen would do this, but it does not. The interface needs lots of work! I also need to be able to draw with a nice fine-tipped pen but there seems to be just a felt-tip marker.
  2. I just installed the Windows version, and it looks like the Evernote of old. Why doesn't the Mac version have the same nice interface? The Mac version is really hard to use IMHO.
  3. That surely is a missing need. If I use the 3.0 Windows client, will the online notebook sharing pop the notes into my Mac version?
  4. There is no Note item on any of my Mac menus!
  5. I agree about the tape. And no, pasting into a note will not import a .png file into it. Paste only pastes text it seems.
  6. What about the IMAP login? You say do not use SSL. Do you support secure authentication? If not SSL, the content is not secure.
  7. Everything needs to be encrypted! The Web sync stuff is a direct ripoff from Groove. But at least they encrypted everything strongly. What expectations of privacy do we have from Evernote concerning out notes? Jim Rome
  8. Bad things: 1) I have not found a way to insert pictures into my EN3 notes. Like I cannot drag a png file there. 2) There seems to be no way to import my 2.2 notes 3) Where is the very cool timeline bar? 4) In 2.2 I never used the clip tool. I always marked and pasted. That worked fine for me. My browser FF3 is not supported yet. But there are good things. 1) The Web synch is nice, and the IMAP is nicer because I can access my notes from anywhere. But I am not a PDA type, so I put the account into Thunderbird, and that locked it up Jim Rome
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