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  1. Hi Evernote Development team, Please consider adding the ability to mark a block of text in a Evernote Document and the convert it into a 'Section', then the Section should be able to be COLLAPSED or EXPANDED. IBM/Lotus Notes had/have this feature, see linked YouTube Video (seeing is believing) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8kmxe1v-YU Screenshot:
  2. First I would like to thank @Ian Small and the team at EN for the open communication towards the EN community and the effort on improving EN for the future. Being a returning EN user, from OneNote, I'm glad and happy to see the improvements going on everywhere, on the web, (maybe in the backend) and updates for the fat clients... very positive... @Ian Small did mention on the interview that the TAG experience would be something which would be one of the next focus areas for the EN team... the effort in improving this experience would be spot on, and I would like to come forward with a suggest for a feature of the TAG management or virtual experience, but do not spent time on this in these first interactions of improving TAG management, but consider the suggestion for future releases or improvements. The suggestion would be "TAG's as TABS's" and by that I do not, not at all, mean that EN should implement the same either layout or approach as OneNote, but on the other hand, it would provide new users coming from OneNote, to easily adopt to EN. Further, by providing an option of showing TAGs in each notebooks as TABS on the sidebar would provide easy navigation and a good overview. Looking forward to the next video from Ian and the EN team !! :) and would be happy to answer questions or participate in any EN beta or user experience and feedback program.
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