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  1. Hi all, Nerves frayed here: So, my friend and I are trying to set up a shared Evernote account. He has the app on his Macbook Pro. He can log on. He can also log on through the webpage. I have a Macbook running Sierra. I set up an account and was able to log on through the browser, but when I try with the app, I get a dialogue box stating that there is an internet connection error (which there isn't since I can log on through the browser) and then a message that my username or password are incorrect (which they are not because I can log on through the browser). So, I then select reset password, and so it all starts again. My friend has himself sought help from the CS team but he's only being offered CS call times sometime in July. We don't want to wait until July. Nor June. Nor August. Is there anyway that I can actually use the Evernote app successfully on my laptop (it works on my iPhone). Thanks.
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