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  1. I have a Samsung S9+ running Android 9. I am a paid Plus user of Evernote since 2015. I have been experiencing Locked notes whenever I make changes to an older note since May 26, 2019. I have written letters to customer support, and their standard replies refer to my unstable wifi connection or my poor 4G connection. They keep telling me to uninstall and then reinstall Evernote. I have done too many uninstall and reinstalls, a real waste of time, since the problem persisted. The best solution is to make a complete copy of a Locked note, create a New note and then Paste everything onto the New note (with a different Note name, I usually put a date beside it). Afterwards, delete the Locked note. Don't forget to go to Trash file section and Delete it again in order to remove it completely from Evernote. This kind of issues never happened before May 2019. I am surprised Evernote Staff has yet to find a fix to this bug. It is very annoying. I have thought of moving my entire data to Microsoft Note. However, Note has its own deficiencies. I am trying to keep using Evernote, but I keep wondering why older versions of Android Evernote didn't have this kind of problem BEFORE May 2019 ? Is there ever going to be a REAL solution ?
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