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  1. Still happening to me and it is quite annoying. Sometimes I copy and paste a locked note into a new one and a few hours later it happens again to the new one I have created with the copy and paste. I noticed that it is only happening with notes that are in notebooks that have more than 40 notes. I don't remember that it happened with notebook of less than 10 notes
  2. Hi all, I have the same issue than related here as explained here : @Cyroxian : I am not paying too but I had the same notices than @Dave-in-Decatur explained here : So I am not sure your "second issue" is linked to your type of account
  3. Hi, I have exactly the same issue with my Samsung A7 since yesterday. Half of the notes I am editing are blocked as soon as I am saving them. And they can't be deleted (I can put it in the recycle bin, but that's all) The only solution I found so far is to copy the content of a note manually with copy and paste into a new note and then desintall the app. When I install it again, the "locked" notes have disapeared
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