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  1. Hi Shane. There are many tickets from loyal, long time Evernote users telling about serious problems leaving Evernote useless for them. The guys posting here care about Evernote. I would suggest Evernote start communicating about the bugs and what you are doing (almost hour to hour) to fix this. Add some pictures from the Evernote war-rooms were techs are working to fix this. Evernote is more then an app - it is all our vital information, tasks and plans organised. Trust is a key issue here. The new update is great! We now have to fix the stability issues so people can start trusting the system again.
  2. Hi. I understand your frustration. I had the same problem with Evernote on my Iphone. I deleted the app and installed it again. All works fine now. Good luck 😀
  3. Hi again. I reinstalled Evernote on my Iphone and the notebooks are back. I am now able to move notes between notebooks.
  4. Thank you for your reply. All sync is done, and no dots in the notebook names. This is just a glitch I hope they will be able to fix soon.
  5. Hi. I sign in on my Ios app using username, password and code by SMS. All notes are ok, but can not see the notebooks. Tries to move a note, but the list of notebooks is empty. Evernote on my mac is ok.
  6. It is a fine balance between simplicity and all the stuff it would be great to be able to do. When I am working on my mobile devices the most important thing for me is to be able to quickly add information and to be able to quickly retrieve information. Big buttons and easy access is always good. Hunt friction and continue to make Evernote a life-tool. A tip for my fellow Evernote users; The app "Say&Go" - one click and it records and send a 10-15 second voice note to Evernote. Great to use in the car.
  7. I love the format Ian is using here. The approach to fix the basics first is spot n and I like the way you guys are communicating now. Looking forward to the next videos.
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