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  1. I presume they want customers. A good way to obtain and keep customers is to listen to what they need. Lot of competition out there making people less loyal if requests are not met in a reasonable manner. I've stated my needs for the product. I don't see how continuing this comment exchange is doing any good. Have nice day.
  2. I don't agree. Software has always been modified to user requirements in regular releases. Different line spacing is quite possible in html. Having to use word or something similar just to get a different line spacing sort of ruins the point of using evernote altogether. Adding this feature should be no big deal if they have good control of their source code.
  3. I see that justified alignment is now available. That is good. But to use Evernote to write and organize university assignments I have to be able to chose the format that assignments must have. Selective line spacing is crucial in that connection. This thread started ages ago. Why has nothing happened?
  4. Would be nice with more options for customizing the tool bar with more choices than is now available. Eg. New notebook New note Hide/show side panel (the one with the notebooks, tags, waste basket etc) Hide/show content panel (the one in the middle between side panel and note) It would be nice that the "new" buttons were always on the same place and readily available. It would be really nice to be able to see the note in a larger area (hiding the other two columns) more easily than is currently available without having to go into fullscreen view.
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