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  1. It is now halfway through 2018 and this issue STILL hasn't been addressed? How many years/versions will it take before this infuriating behavior is changed? I am an adult, not a teeny bopper or "millennial," and I don't want to have play four-finger calisthenics to type a character sequence like "8)". This behavior is stupid, puerile, and unnecessary, and there should be a simple checkbox in "Options|Note|Note editing options" to turn it off. Are there currently any plans to make this simple change in a future version? As a Microsoft Certified Professional developer myself, I know that it is the most trivial type of change—a simple bit field that sets or clears a flag to modify editor behavior, exactly like the other options in that "Note editing options" section. So, when, please? Oh, it occurs to me that, like many of the applications on which I have worked, there may be a bug reporting mechanism for Evernote where this request might receive a prompter response. Is there? If so, where? Thank you.
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