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  2. Thats exactly my problem!!! The searching is so effective with this method that it made Evernote a absolute essential tool for me. Having it removed and no news about its return is such a disrespect towards the customers. How can a company be in such denial about the mistakes made and obviously not trying hard enough to solve the lack of features is beyond comprehension.
  3. Hey, i’ve seen your coments on the old tag filter on ios and windows. We’re already in april and no sign of this feature implementation. Im so pissed, dear god.

    1. stocky2605


      yes, I've two unsolved issues with Evernote - but, Evernote is still my aboslute #1 in personal-information-management - it is super efficient: note taking, reminders, search & auto-OCR, multi-device, sharing - nothing comes even close for my requirements...

      These two issues are:

      1. I don't receive daily reminder emails anymore. Bad. Was a nice feature - support is aware of that but no fix since months

      2. the good old tag filter - still really miss it.

    2. Paulo Octávio

      Paulo Octávio

      The most irritating thing about this new evernote is the implementation of new features while the essential ones which were removed are not being considered priority. Tag filter button was the holy grail of evernote to me. But still i agree, for storing information and retriving it the fastest way possible Evernote is still the best, even being worse than before.

  4. Hey, thanks for the reply but this isn’t what i am looking for. In previous versions i could see which tags were being used inside an especific notebook. Because i have lots of tags the drop down menu allowed me to filter notes just by selecting the tags shown by the menu. Really really miss the old tag filter.
  5. I heavily depend on this feature since it allows me to search only for tags within a specific notebook. The new filter doesn’t let me do this, for it obligates me to remember the specific tag (and i have a lot of them). I miss the dropdown menu when i click the tag filter button, because i’ve written the tags by medical specialties and themes. PLEASE RETURN THIS FEATURE, UNTIL THEN I WILL BE USING THE LEGACY VERSION.
  6. I was so disappointed when i realized that the essential tag filter was replaced by this useless new filter that doesn’t let me search for tags within a notebook. PLEASE IT HAS BEEN ALREADY 6 MONTHS SINCE THIS DOWNGRADE WAS RELEASED.
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