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  1. That support page makes it hard to report this issue: there are drop-down list boxes for categorizing the issue you are reporting but none of the categories really fit this one. I'll try to report it anyway but I'm not holding my breath waiting for a response or for a bug fix.
  2. Perhaps screenshots will make it clearer. Here's the home screen: If I click the microphone icon, I get this: The timeline scrolls, and the timer in the top right counts up. If I dictate into the watch, there is no waveform that would indicate that something is being recorded. When I tap the red button at the bottom, the timeline stops scrolling, and the timer switches to "Save": If I click "Save," I am taken back to the home screen, but with the message "Recording created on Apple Watch" -- but as far as I can tell, no recording has been created on the Apple W
  3. On the Apple Watch app, the "+" icon starts the creation of a note, but the microphone icon takes me to what appears to be an audio-recording screen -- but once on that screen, it does not record audio. What is that icon for?
  4. Just finished an online chat with Apple Support. They had me uninstall and reinstall the Evernote iMessage extension. Since that didn't fix it, they say the next step is to contact the Evernote developers.
  5. I have the same problem on my iPhone, yet the Evernote iMessage app works fine on my iPad, and I have no idea why. But I have the same issue with other iMessage apps, like Accuweather and IMDB -- they work on the iPad but not on the iPhone. I tried deleting and reinstalling them on the iPhone and doing so fixed IMDB but not Accuweather. Have not yet tried deleting and reinstalling Evernote.
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