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  1. @Metrodon might be true but also a good UX and Product team would definitely pay attention to what the users are saying in threads like this. These aren't just people venting for no reason, they're listing specific issues and the reasoning for why they're important. I work as a VP of UX and we definitely would want to know things like this and would take the time to investigate further to see where we maybe misstepped and how to reconsider our near-term roadmap. The last thing you'd want is to piss off a bunch of paying users and just hope they don't find your competitor...
  2. Hi, I'm probably a little dense, but I did look around on Evernote site and in the app, and I couldn't find an obvious way to go back to the Legacy previous version. Could someone list the steps required to go backwards? Sorry if this is covered elsewhere...
  3. What possessed you to remove the tab functionality? That's so basic and useful a feature that surely you must have just forgotten? I rarely make posts like this but it's just so disappointing and frustrating that something I liked so much has blundered the "new great version" so much – I need to go back to the old one or, like others have mentioned, move to something else. I've used Evernote for around 7 years or so and have recommended it to a lot of friends – not anymore. If you're going to put so much effort into an update, how could you not ask your users more carefully what they do with your software every day???? I work in UX. And one thing we definitely try to avoid is to piss off a bunch of customers and make them look for something else...
  4. This has been happening for me for almost a year. On my previous Macbook Pro and my current one. Sometimes it happens multiple times a day, other times it can be a few days between occurrences. It's super annoying and frustrating. It interrupts anything else you're doing, like watching a video or working in a different application, even if Evernote is closed. Please provide a fix or instructions for spotlight to stop indexing Evernote.
  5. I completely agree and seems like such a logical request to have a simple full-screen feature with margins and basic type controls. Without it, Evernote is practically unusable for serious or long-term writing because staring at giant rows is way too uncomfortable to read and write in and anything other than the content you're trying to work on is a distraction. I'm forced to use a different app when I want to really focus. But even during regular day to day note-taking, Evernote would have a nicer interface if the amount of whitespace in the margins could be set to give better breathing room and visual focus onto content. I'm going to give FocusWriter a shot and there seem to be a handful of free or donation based ones that are similar and have focus mode as the central concept. It's a drag though that Evernote can't provide something like this.
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